The Department for Transport (DfT) control all aspects of air cargo security training who set the syllabus, individual course programmes and trainer approvals.

If your organisation is a 'Regulated Agent' or employs drivers responsible for 'SPX or SCO cargo', then specific members of staff must attend Air (Cargo) Security training courses depending on their job function.

The DfT directs you to look at each role and assess the level of knowledge each staff member needs to achieve effective security. There are seven levels of training, ranging from a general awareness for those staff with access to air cargo but with no direct involvement, through to those with supervisory and management responsibilities. The DfT stipulate that all levels of training be refreshed every two years. Failure to attend such refresher training will result in the individual being required to re-attend the full course again at the appropriate level.

The only exception to this is the National X-ray Competency Test (NXCT) which must successfully repeated within 13 months of the previous test.

** Please note candidates are only able to attend training if their “sponsoring company” have obtained pre-employment checks for the previous 5years **

Level A - General Awareness (½-day)

General awareness for office /warehouse staff who do not handle secure SPX/SCO cargo, or have a specific security duty.

Level B - Drivers of Vehicles (½-day)

For drivers with specific responsibility for the safe transport of SPX/SCO cargo by road and to be aware of the risks and vulnerabilities involved. However if handling duties are involved, then Level D training maybe required.

Level C - Protecting, Searching & Loading Aircraft

For staff involved with controlling access to, searching and loading of aircraft.

Level D - Handling / Preparation of Air Cargo (1 day)

For all staff involved in the handling or preparation of secure air cargo, or who sign CSCs

Level E - Screening of Cargo (Hand Search) (1 day)

For staff involved in the application of security measures as part of their employment allowing for physical examination.

Level F - Security Supervisors (1½ days)

For supervisors of staff qualified up to and including Level E, or staff who have day-to-day responsibility for implementing Air Cargo Security procedures. Supervisors are required to have a comprehensive understanding of the air cargo regime and the requirements of operating a 'Regulated Site'.

Level G - Security Managers (2 days)

The session focuses on the responsibilities of the Security Manager, setting procedures, establishing audit trails and achieving the standards set by the DfT. A further responsibility of a Security Manager is the preparation and maintenance of a Security Programme. Guidance on the contents and format required by the DfT of a Security Programme will be discussed on this course.

** All our Aviation (Cargo) Security courses are delivered by Instructors approved by the DfT **

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